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Exclusive Services

We support individuals on their leadership journey who are seeking to improve the functionality of their organization, and more. From group work to one-one-one work, the freedom to apply these services as needed are present.

Image by Milad Fakurian
Shaun Nelms speaking at a leadership conference

Executive Coaching

My research is anchored in creating, growing, and maintaining effective leaders in complex settings. The synergetic work of developing leaders is supported by the research on distributed 
leadership which speaks to establishing collegial work groups, networks of learners across departments, as well as cross-role leadership opportunities for formal and informal leaders. We will help you build a dynamic team where success is owned by the entire organization.


Crisis Management

Our team is committed to helping organizations uncover the root causes that lead to dissatisfaction so they can proactively avoid similar issues in the future. Leaders face myriad challenges, such as creating a sense of efficacy by identifying poor performance, taking actionable steps towards improvement, and holding colleagues accountable for growth as foundational elements of improving work culture. Adopting and committing to performance 
standards, developing/adopting approaches to business alignment, and assessing our commitment to ensuring equity and access for all employees is key to an organization’s successes.  


Leadership Coaching (One-on-One)

Effective leadership is rooted in the ability to analyze an organization’s surroundings, identify strengths and pitfalls, establish a supportive and trusting relationship with stakeholders and, most importantly, convince subordinates to move in a unified direction to meet goals. We apply research on leadership to maximize your team’s potential. An effective leader takes the 
necessary steps to not only push an agenda, but convince others to internalize the need for change until goals are met. The process of empowering others, by establishing relational trust, is at the epicenter of a distributed leadership approach.


Speaking Engagements

Connecting with an audience has a variety of purposes. Whether you're seeking to inspire, inform, enlighten, or more, Shaun's plethora of experiences brings value to those that receive the information he shares. Click here to watch Shaun in action.


Let's Work Together

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